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Joint Development Technology

About Us

Joint Technology Development Pte Ltd was incorporated in 2000 by Mr Richard Yee with the vision of providing reliable and quality electronic parts and services to its customers. The applications of the products are mainly for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial industries, and Medical Equipments.


We are honored to obtain distributorship for Sumida Trading to distribute and sell their wide array of products ranging from Power Inductors, Power Transformers, EMC coils, Automotive Modules, Components for Medical Equipments and etc. Subsequently, we brought in more brands like Panasonic Electronics and Token Electronics in hope to cover different market segments and at the same time still maintains our high standards in quality products and services.

Our Range Of Products

Power Inductors & RF Inductors

Power Transformers

EMC Coils

Automotive Modules

Components for Medical Equipment

Ceramic EMI components


Flexi Jumper Wire


Polymer Capacitors

Film Capacitors

Board-to-Board Connector


Inductors & coils

Resonator & filter

Light Sensors






Sumida is a leading design and manufacture firm for high quality electronics components and modules. They provide wide range of products for Telecommunications, Automotive, Consumer Electronics, Industrial industries and Medical Equipments. They too specialize in customized design solutions. In 2005, Sumida successfully acquire Stelco Electronics and VOGT Electronics in 2009, complementing to its already comprehensive range of products.


Power Inductors & RF Inductors

– Surface mount, through hole, LPF coils for Digital Amplifiers, RF Chip Inductors


Power Transformers

Surface mount, through hole, PoE Transformers, Switching Mode Power supplies, Reactors, Wireless Power Transfer Coils


EMC Coils

– AC Powerline, DC Powerline, Normal Mode Chokes, Common Mode Chokes


Automotive Modules

-Xenon Ignitors, Choke Module for Inverters, Module Components, Component Carriers, Power Conversion, Components & Modules.


Components for Medical Equipments

-Network Isolation Transformer, Isolation Transformer


Panta Electronics is a US firm fully operated by a US Veteran with over 20 years of experience in electronic components specialized for military aerospace and industrial sector. They provide solutions for obsolete components, military components, integrated circuits, transistors and capacitors as well as all other aspects of industrial, military and aerospace industries.


– Capacitors

– Flexi Jumper Wire

– Resistors

– Semiconductors


Panasonic offers a diverse portfolio of products to provide solutions for Automotive, Semiconductor, Packaging and Bio Medical Industries. Constantly innovates and evolves to keep in line with the current market trends and applications. They have industry-leading Tough Contact construction that produces extremely durable parts for applications that need to satisfy extreme environment conditions.


Polymer Capacitors/ Film Capacitors

– Ultra Low ESR, small size, high ripple current, high endurance based on temperature de-rating, relatively safer short circuit mode over Tantalum Capacitors


Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

– Surface mount type, Radial lead type, high reliability, long life, low impedance & high ripple.


Film Capacitors

– For high voltage & high current applications eg. Automotive, Industrial & Infrastructure use.


Token Electronics has been a dedicated industry leader for manufacturing of electronic components and automatic production systems for more than 30 years and counting. While committed to produce high value added products, they adopted the corporate philosophy of ‘For the well-being of Mankind and the Earth’. They aim to eliminate or reduce the use of hazardous substances and reduce environmental waste generated from manufacturing process.



– High voltage, high precision resistors with custom designs and tighter tolerance available to meet different requirements.


Inductors & coils

– High quality chip RF inductors with different inductance values and specifications adjusted to frequency requirements. SMD Wirewound inductors provides efficient operation and power savings while Power surface mount inductors are designed for choking power lines and is RoHS directive.

Current Inventory List

Sumida P/N Quantity
CDRH125NP-150MC 3,000
CDRH127/LDNP-180MC 1,000
CDRH127/LDNP-330MC 1,000
CDRH127/LDNP-560MC 4,500
CDRH2D14NP-2R2NC 1,000
CDRH2D18/HPNP-3R3NC 1,000
CDRH2D18/HPNP-4R7NC 1,000
CDRH2D18/HPNP-100NC 2,000
CDRH2D18/HPNP-150NC 2,000
CDRH3D23NP-100MC 500
CDRH4D28CNP-100PC 2,000
CDRH5D28NP-100NC 2,000
CDRH8D43NP-2R2NC 500
CDMC6D28NP-1R0MC 1,000
CEEH96NP-C8100 2,000
CLQ4D10-6R8-5382-T041 2,000
CPFC74-4251-T053 3,000
CPG54-03154-T012 19,000
RCH110NP-220M 300
RCH110NP-221K 100
RCH110NP-271K 100
RCH110NP-331K 400
RCH110NP-560K 200
RCH875NP-100M 200
RCH875NP-101K 700
RCH875NP-101K 1,000
RCR875DNP-151K 200
RCH895NP-221K 1,100
RCH895NP-473K-35M 5,700


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Product Type:

Inductance (H):

Tolerance (-/+):

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Joint Technology Development Pte Ltd

2 Yishun Industrial St 1
Northpoint Bizhub
Singapore 768159



Mr Richard Yee

Contact : (+) 65 96696340

Email : richard.yee@jtd.com.sg

Ms Sharaine Yu

Contact: (‎+) 65 91133914

Email: sales@jtd.com.sg / sharaine.yu@jtd.com.sg